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The Australia Day Weekend – Are You Ready to go Caravanning and Camping?

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Australia Day Weekend Caravan and CampingWith Australia Day fast approaching we know that many Australians will be heading off on Caravan and Camping trips.

But before begin your trip it is always a good idea to check all your lights and the other equipment you will need for your trip, ensuring that everything is working correctly and if not give yourself time to replace them.

With Caravans you will need to check both your exterior and interior lights. Many of these lights can now be replaced with lower voltage and thus lower electricity consumption LED lights.

This is especially helpful if you run an exterior solar system for your lights or just a straight battery, as it means your batteries will last a lot longer before they will need a re-charge.

If you intend to go camping in the old fashioned sense by using a tent then ensuring that you have low voltage lighting can make the difference between a happy camper and a not so happy one.

The last thing you need is for you batteries to run flat because your lighting is consuming more energy than they need to. Also since LED lights consume a whole lot less power and thus have more energy efficiency than conventional lights you will leave yourself with more power to run other items such as laptops, T.V’s, Discmans, IPods and other electrical equipment that you may wish to connect to your batteries or portable solar systems.

You may be surprised to know that you could run, depending on the light chosen, anywhere from 4 – 40 LED lights for the same power consumption as a standard 60watt light bulb. Take a look at LED options like GU10, MR16 and 12v LED Light Bulbs, just to name a few.

Whether you are off the beaten track or at a caravan and camping park, it is always good to know that you do not necessarily need to pay the extra for a powered site if you have the most electrically efficient lighting and power systems.

So before you head of on your camping or caravanning trip this Australia Day make sure you take the time to check all your lighting requirements before you head off. Don’t leave it till the last minute.

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We hope you are ready and if not…. Get moving on it now!

Have a great holiday weekend

The Team at ACDC LED Lights

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