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How to Use the Calculator

Price Comparison
  • Enter the number of traditional light bulbs and fluorescent lights that you would like to replace with LED Lights.
  • Enter the number of the new wattage LED Bulbs that you will be using as the replacements. e.g. 5
  • Enter the number of wattage your current bulbs are at e.g. 60
  • Enter the amount of time that you will have your new Led Lights on for in a 24 hour period.
  • Enter the amount of KWH (Kilo Watts Per Hour) you are paying for your electricity. HINT: Check your latest electricity bill.
  • Press “Calculate” for the results
  • Enter different combinations for different light bulb types and wattage and add the individual results together for a more accurate overview.

LED Lighting Calculator


Number of bulbs:

LED wattage:

Current bulb wattage

Hours of use per day:

Cents Per KWH: