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Return Policy


Warranty and Returns

ACDC LED Lights provides a warranty for its products in case of defects concerning material used or workmanship of the product. The warranty is valid for a specific period specified and indicated on each product available for purchase with a minimum 12 month (1 year) warranty applying to all products.

“Warranty Period” begins at the original date of product purchase. ACDC LED Lights will repair or replace defective products covered under this warranty with components of ACDC LED Lights choice and at its own discretion. The warranty is valid on condition that the customer contacts ACDC LED Lights during the warranty period between normal business hours. The warranty request will then undergo a reviewing process. Once the warranty is found to be legitimate a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) form may need to be filled by the customer. If an RMA form is required the RMA form must be filled clearly and legibly prior to approval and accepted return to us under warranty.

All products should be installed and used in accordance to all necessary and related codes, standards and instructions. ACDC LED Lights warranty is only valid for ACDC LED Lights distributed products on condition that the products are properly installed. This includes correct wiring, proper connection to approved components and suitable product working environments. This warranty becomes void and non-applicable to products that become defective as a result of neglect, misuse, alteration, or improper installation. This includes but is not limited to exposing the product to non-approved operating environments such as unsuitable temperature, humidity, voltage spikes, blackouts, brownouts and improper installation of the product using components that are not approved or are not ACDC LED Lights distributed products. It is the responsibility of the buyer to read and understand the instructions provided, recommendations, and follow the guidelines for the proper use and installation of any product distributed by ACC LED Lights. All related codes and standards provided should be known and observed. The accuracy and completeness of any statements, technical information and recommendations in any form of product literature is not guaranteed and does not form a part of this Warranty and does not in any way constitute a Warranty. The purchaser should therefore determine suitability of the installation process and potential applications independently.

Warranty compensation will be based on “usage factor and time in use”, “technology value” and will be pro-rated on this and the information collected via the RMA process should it be required.

What is not covered under this Limited Warranty is defects of any kind caused or created by improper installation; damaged caused during shipping to purchaser or beyond; “acts of Nature or God.”

ACDC LED Lights will not cover any additional labor costs or Warranty for such labor associated with replacement products, these costs are to be paid by the customer if any exist prior to receiving the returnable fixed or replaced product.

Qualified Electrical Installation – Limitation of Liabilty

Except where to do so would cause any part of these Terms to be illegal, void or unenforceable, ADCD LED Lights, its directors and/or employees:

When need or required ADCD LED Lights will not be held responsible or accept any such responsibility in relation to electrical installation or modification of any of its products or associated fittings purchased either through ACDC LED Lights or any associated sale outlet. All electrical installations and modifications including any transformer installation, be it new LED transformer installations or changes from old equipment to new transformers and/or any T8 tube related ballast and starter modifications MUST be conducted by a qualified electrician – The responsibility of installation and method used must adhere to Australian standards and lies solely with the Electrical professional installing the equipment. Incorrect installation and/or modification of any ACDC LED Lights supplied product can cause incorrect LED operation as well as serious harm possibly resulting in death to the person conducting the installation or modification. Incorrect electrical installation can cause electrical shorting and fire resulting in loss of property and/or life. Please make sure ALL electrical work is conducted by a Qualified Electrician who adheres to and accepts all responsibility for Australian Standards in electrical installations.