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Variable Products

We have added a variable product type to the site. These are really just a grouping of similar products that can be distinguished by one or two features (eg. colour, voltage, etc.). This reduces the amount of clutter you’ll see when searching for a product or browsing a category or tag, making it faster to find what you are looking for.

You will have to pick which exact product you want before clicking to add to basket, but that gives us the opportunity to show you a picture of the product specific to what you have selected in many cases.

variable products

A years worth of updates

It has been over a year since the new website went live and we’ve resolved all of the teething problems that we’ve encountered in that time. Following is a general description of the changes to the site over the past year.

  • Site works well with all resolutions and especially at mobile sizes (this especially involved dozens of small changes).
  • Generally improved the layout and style of the site.
  • Secured the site with https and a site certificate.
  • Fixed various issues with the shop that prevented customers from seeing shipping costs or in some cases from making purchases at all.
  • Added nearly 200 more products to the shop. We now have over 500 items in the shop.

A new website

Welcome to the new website! We hope you will find this site friendlier to use and easier on the eyes.