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Getting LED Lights in Brisbane can Save You Time and Money

There is so much information in the world it’s sometimes hard to know what to even pay attention to or believe. Is butter good for you or not? What about red meat? It seems there are usually two sides and both sound correct. Even something as simple as buying the right lighting can be confusing. Should I buy a regular incandescent bulb or get LED lights or strip lights?

When you meet with us at ACDC LED Lights in Brisbane, we will show you simple and indisputable facts. You have questions, and we know the answers.

Q. I was told that LED lights are supposed to last a long time but the ones I bought at my local hardware store burnt out way too quickly. What happened?

You are absolutely right. More than likely that store purchased cheaper lights. That is why we procure name-brand lights made with trusted US LED chips that we use in our strip lights, bulbs, etc. When you come in to see us, we will show you the Energy Star brand to prove it is good quality. In fact, to make sure you can trust the quality, most of our LED lights come with a two- or even three-year warranty.

Q: I have been looking at high wattage LED Light Strips in another store in Brisbane because I want a brilliant light, but they all seem dim. What is the problem?

High watts do not generate bright light. That is just a trick that cheaper light sellers try to get you to believe. It is not about watts but quality. The fact is that the US SMD LED chips manufactured in Taiwan for the US are low wattage but produce much brighter light than the competition. One key: if you want to get the best LED lights, you do need to see us. Just look for the building with ACDC LED Lights written all over it and you can’t go wrong.

Q. I want to switch over to LED lights for the sake of the environment. But, aren’t they expensive?

Here is where our over 35 years of experience really helps you. There was a time when that was true but not now. Due to increased demand every year, the price of LED lights of all kinds, such as bulbs, car lights, and strip lights for your home and business, are now very affordable. That same demand has also increased the quality.

Q. C’mon. I can buy a basic incandescent light for $4, and an LED can cost $30. How will I save money?

The savings come in three ways. First, your monthly energy bill will be lower. Not only will your LED lights or light strips use less energy, but they will also emit as much as 90% less heat, meaning you will not have to pay as much to cool your home. Next is that your LED lights will last at least as long as 25 incandescent bulbs can last—and $100 is a lot more than $30! That also means not having to buy gas to go to the store. The final saving comes in something more valuable than money: Time. An incandescent bulb should last around 1000 hours while an LED light will last closer to 25,000 hours. That means not having to buy any new bulbs or installing them for a long, long time.

Great questions. To find the true answers, though, please visit our website (www.acdcledlights.com) or, better yet, visit us at 1/48 Bullockhead St Sumner Park in Brisbane. Our goal is to be energy wise and energy educators. Believe us when we say we can show you the light!

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