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Making the Jump to LED Lighting for Your Car or Caravan in Brisbane: Here’s What You Need to Know

LED technology is one of the significant innovations in the recent history of lighting. It’s a terrific way to get more light while saving more energy, which is good for both the environment and your wallet. Thomas Edison himself would be proud if he lived long enough to see it. He didn’t, of course, but you’re still here, and you can experience the benefits of LED lighting for yourself.

One of the most efficient ways to save power with LED lighting is by installing it in your vehicle. Putting LED lighting in your car or caravan can help you get a longer life out of your battery, which can save on vehicle maintenance costs as time goes on. For those of you living in Queensland, finding high quality LED lighting is a very simple task. Just visit ACDC LED online or come down to our store, where our highly knowledgeable team will help you select the perfect LED lighting for your car right here in Brisbane.

Why LED is More Effective

It’s common knowledge that incandescent bulbs produce more heat than light, which makes them a relatively ineffective technology. They also tend to burn out quite quickly, which produces a lot of trash over an extended period. For some years, the go-to alternative was to use fluorescent lights, but these came with their own set of problems. Some people get headaches from the colour of fluorescent light, and then, of course, there’s the fact that fluorescent lights contain toxic and potentially harmful mercury.

An LED light, on the other hand, produces luminescence when electrons move around inside its semiconductor. This makes them around 85 percent more efficient than an incandescent bulb (which produces light using a vacuum), and about 5 percent more efficient than most CFB alternatives (which produce light using gas). Plus, there’s no risk of a broken bulb leaking mercury, which really matters if the light in question happens to be installed in a vehicle that might bump into things. This means that LED lighting is by far the safest and most energy-efficient way to light your car or caravan.

A Great Location to Acquire LED Lighting for Your Caravan in Brisbane

ACDC LED carries a truly mind-boggling range of LED products at our store and online. These range from 12v LEDs (which are perfect for most vehicles, storage spaces and gardens) to 240v strip lights (mostly used in shops, pubs or hotels). Furthermore, our staff is available to help you find exactly what you need. If you’re looking for car LED lighting in Brisbane, we’ll help you pick out the perfect device, or even create a custom product for you. Why not bring your vehicle in and let us take a look at it? Our facility includes a large carpark which is also suitable for caravans.

Our focus is on quality products, fantastic customer service and easy access. For an energy saving experience that will brighten up your day, try ACDC LED.

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