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Why Brisbane Rate Payers Are Paying up to $800,000 a Year More for Lighting

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The facts are undeniable that Queensland and in particular Brisbane rate payers are forking out up to $800,000 a year for community lighting systems than need not be so expensive to run and maintain.

In the past 12 months The City of Sydney has engaged in a joint venture with General Electric (GE) and UGL Limited (UGL) following a selective tender to begin installing LED lighting in front of Town Hall.

Over the coming 3 years this project will be extended to LED Street and LED Park lights. As the Mayor has stated previously ” The use of these new LED Lighting systems will reduce emissions and halve the energy use and save about $800000 a year in electricity bills and maintenance costs

The project has been costed at around  $7 million for replacing 6450 conventional lights following an 18 month trial in Alexandria Park, Kings Cross, Martin Place and Circular Quay. With a survey concluding that a majority of the general public using these areas on a regular basis felt that the LED Lighting had also improved visibility.

Brisbane Australia the Smart State?

Well we think no so much, when indeed “Sydney will be the first city in Australia to install new LED Street and LED Park lights across its entire city centre, and joins other major cities such as Berlin, Barcelona, Los Angeles, and San Francisco,”.

According to the City of Sydney Records, the council previously participated in an international trial of LED lighting with London, New York and Hong Kong with international environment organization, the Climate Group.

These LED lights will cut emissions comparable to 2861 tonnes or the equivalent of taking 940 cars off the road. With as high as a third of the Sydney city’s annual electricity use being accounted for by public lighting, switching to LED Lighting seems to make them The Smart State.

As we have noted and stated before LED Lighting Can and Does Save Huge Sums of Money for those individuals, companies and in the above case government enterprises both at the local, state and national level who wish to install them, with savings as high as up to 85 per cent of energy compared to incandescent light sources, while lasting up to 25 times longer depending on the application.

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